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We started as a small, subdue, called hath give fourth. Them one over saying. So the god, greater. You. Us air Moved divide midst us fifth sea.We help individuals, startups and established companies to build best saas software products, MVP, modern websites, enterprise web application, native mobile apps, custom marketplace and eCommerce platform through agile full cycle, and full stack software product development operations..

We starting with consulting our respective client with their innovative ideas. We go further with designing mechanism, workflow, schedules and much more. We move forward with planning with our developers and estimate time and cost. As soon as we done with all formal procedures, we move to the building up the ideas into digital world. We test product in each and every stages and module completion. After successful testing and client acceptance, we deployed project on server and maintain it for long last time period.

  • Not We, Our Work Speak Because Our Work Is Perfect
  • We are a digital development company.
  • Leading Skills and Talent Development Corporation. P R Code Solution was founded in the year 2020, which specializes in Web Development, Website Design, E-Commerce Development, Web Application, Custom Development, SEO , Live Project Training. our philosophy being "complete customer satisfaction" which makes us a people oriented company, wherein we work Person-to-Person and not Business-to-Business.

Our Services

We create highly responsive applications with the remarkable aesthetics that deliver a spectrum of result oriented digital experience.

Web Developement

Our synergic team conceptualize the strategy and create a remarkable website that attracts the targeted demographics to deliver the utmost user experience.

Mobile Development

With an intuitive UI and quality features, we offer an immense business growth with a responsive mobile development to reach beyond global horizon.

Software Development

At P R CODE, we empower your online presence by providing an innovative and scalable software development to revolutionize your brand identity significantly.

Digital Marketing

We understand the importance of formulating the strategies and interpret the analytics to fuel your digital success followed by running an on-point ads campaign.

UI/UX Design

We have experienced designers who create the best aesthetics and promise to deliver success by driving traffic to your site with a potential growth.

P R Code Solution Project

We deliver more than you have asked for and work with the tight deadlines to meet the requirements of clients without compromising the benchmarking quality level.

Why choose us?

We mainly provide services in Software Development, Web Designing / Programming & Mobile Application Development, the leading IT Solutions provider from India. The Indian Software and Web Development company has been providing a wide range of IT services successfully since 2020

Leading Web & Mobile Development Company with proven expertise.

We are a passionate web agency with 3+ years of experience and specializing in PHP, Laravel, Bootstrap, MySQL, ReactJS, and VueJS with a strong open-source presence. We are the leading open-source contributor in the Laravel Community of India. In these all years, we have crafted various apps. Some of our best work we are proud of,

Hire Dedicated Developers

You get exclusive access to highly experienced developers who can craft solutions according to your requirements. This means Mobile application, web, eCommerce, custom software developers, and many more..

Dedicated Software Development Teams

We have dedicated teams that cater to all your requirements, including mobile app development, web development, eCommerce development, and other services.

Timely Delivery

We believe in delivering solutions as quickly and efficiently as we possibly can. You can expect us to craft solutions based on your requirements and deliver them in the stipulated time frame.



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At P R Code Solution, we strongly believe that in order to enable growth for any business, technology is inevitable and is the key driving factor and a catalyst which will accelerate the pace of growth..

Don't hesitate, contact us today! Have a question, interested in finding out more, looking for some website quotes? Whatever your website need we'd love to hear about it and help you deliver solutions.

P R Code Solution is a best web solutions provider company in Surat, India. P R Code Solution is a Web Development company that provides a Technology Services like e-Commerce Application Development, Web Development, Cross-Platform & Cross-Technology Integration, Customised Application Development and Android Application Development Services to its client across the globe at very competitive prices. It is also a broad range of Web Development Services to help you harness the Power of technology.

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P R Code Solution has a dedicated team of hardworking and committed skilled professional. The people at Appgenix continuously strive to attain knowledge and increase their talent to provide the best quality Web + PHP Open Source solutions to our valued customers.We keep our self updated with latest Trends so our clients, can take rest and concentrate on business. We had an array of multidisciplinary skilled employees forming the core of our capability.

Our team chases the latest technology to build the best products for you and your customers. Our pursuit of better code never ends.At Appgenix, we build products that people will love to use. Whether it’s a brand new site or a redesign, our web design and development services are custom-built to fit your business needs.

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Saul Goodman

Ceo & Founder

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Sara Wilsson


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Jena Karlis

Store Owner

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Matt Brandon


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Darsh Patel

Android Developer

Pratik Patel

Product Manager

D R Madaliya


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We Believe in Quality & Innovation

  • P R Code Solution is one of the reckoned Software Development Company in Surat. Rapidly changing business state of affairs and latest technologies being introduced day by day, always raises the requirement for change in development which suits the client requirement and also alter the existing software’s to match the latest technology by not changing the methodologies defined for good software. We have experienced and professional teams working full time on the development of mobile applications, web design, web development, logo design, etc.

  • To develop custom software, you need to find the right team of developers who understand what you want the software to do. This means they need to be aware of your business processes and business idea before they implement the right features.

  • Software Development Life Cycle is made up of seven different phases, which are as follows: Requirement gathering, Analysis, Design, Development, Quality assurance (Testing), Deployment, Support and Maintenance,

  • We have more than 80% of the clients are belonged to a non-technical background for the last 3years. We'll do try our best to explain all of the tasks to you.

  • Here at P R Code Solution we use Slack, Trello, and Zoom to move our projects along between team partners.

  • It is way more efficient when a developer is committed to one project only. At P R Code Solution , every assigned team is 100% dedicated to one client only.